Once upon a time in Portixol

Once upon a time there was a simple and unpretentious restaurant in Portixol. In the small red narrow building with a red door on Carrer del Vicari Joaquim Fuster.

If you stayed at the, then newly opened, Hotel Portixol and asked for a good restaurant nearby, the staff replied that the man with the thick glasses at Bar & Co was indeed a genius when it came to cooking. His sense of cooking with simple pure flavors, preferably with fish or shellfish as a base, resulted in an extra ordinary experience.

The man with the glasses (and the taste) was Emilio Castrejon. An international culinary globetrotter – with heritage from both South America and Japan – who, after a number of years in the latter, landed on Mallorca and saved the island with what became Fine Fusion.

Today Emilio houses Innobar in central Palma at Calle Conception 9. A previous unexplored area that now holds several five-star hotels and restaurants.

Early on, Emilio had thoughts about a worthy heir to both his business but most importantly his art of cooking. Many have tried but only a few have managed to go all the way. Emilio is known for his demanding leadership and nothing but total ear for cooking and flavours applies.

Marcus Cardoso is the one who patiently and sacrificially chose to dedicate his life to the cooking that Emilio chose to teach. The friendship between them after many trying years together became so strong that Marcus sees himself as a son to Emilio – who has no children of his own.

After a number of years, Marcus now runs the restaurant entirely under his own auspices. By his side, he has Sabine Mohn, who is responsible for much of the day-to-day operation.

Marcus, who leads the work in the kitchen like a conductor on a daily basis, has another passion in life – a part from cooking and family – namely wine. At Emilio Innobar you will find an extensive wine list and no wine lover in the world need feel disappointed.

The latest addition to the Emilio family is Innobar Palma. The Innobar offers a great selection of wines from around the world, along with modern cocktails and tasteful classics. Innobar Palma is just around the corner, literally, which makes it perfect for private dinners (up to twelve people) or a pit stop before your dinner at Emilio.